“Modernize to ensure energy security
for sustainable development”

The National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) is responsible for development and operation of the nation-wide power transmission system.

EVNNPT is committed to international and national standards and regulations. With the dedication of a united team holding strong belief and whole-heartedness in business we take the highest care of every client, in a transparent manner, ensuring top quality service and enabling economic, social and environmental effectiveness in every move of the nation.

Xem bóng đá tối nay As one of the leading power transmission companies in ASEAN, we are making every firm step forward in technology and management to become an advanced power transmission company in the Asia and the world.

Lines of Business

Xem bóng đá tối nayImplement the power transmission activities in accordance with the electricity license

Manage, operate, repair and maintain the national grid and transmission systems

Invest and develop transmission systems

Xem bóng đá tối nayAutomation and control

Develop human resources for the development and management of transmission systems

Provide consultant services for construction and investment, project management, supervision and implementation of transmission systems, telecommunication and information technologies projects

Businesses related to the core business

Construct and install power transmission projects

Manufacture transmission, telecommunication and information technologies equipment

Import, export and trade transmission, telecommunication and information technologies equipment and materials

Manufacture and supervise the installation of telecommunication and information technologies equipment

Manage, operate and maintain internal telecommunication systems

Provide information technologies services

Xem bóng đá tối nayOperate sanatoria

Xem bóng đá tối nayMachinery and equipment leasing

Xem bóng đá tối nayOperation of regulating agencies

Office leasing

As of February 2019

EVNNPT is managing and operating total of

24,950.03 km

7,827.34 km of 500 kV lines
17,122.69 km of 220 kV lines
30 TBA 500 kV
Xem bóng đá tối nay 123 TBA 220 kV

Xem bóng đá tối nay As of February 2019, EVNNPT has been managing and operating 24,950.03 km of transmission lines (including 7,827.34 km of 500 kV and 17,122.69 of 220 kV), 2.26 times higher compared to the figure since EVNNPT establishment; 153 substations (including 30 ones of 500 kV and 123 ones of 220 kV) with the total MBA of 91,256 MVA, 2.47 times higher in terms of substations and 4.31 times higher in terms of MBA compared to the figures since its establishment. The national power transmission system has reached all the provinces and cities nation-wide, and is now connected to the regional transmission grids with up-to-date technology applied such as multi-circuit and multi-voltage levels transmission line, 220kV high-voltage underground cable, 220kV GIS substation, computer-based integrated control system, fault locators, online oil monitoring system, SCADA system, etc. Until now, in terms of the scale, the EVNNPT system ranks the third among the ASEAN countries and the eighth among 24 Asian companies in terms of the lines’ length, the fourth in ASEAN and the eleventh among the 24 Asian companies in terms of MBA./.

There are currently more than 7,800 staff, technicians and skilled workers managing and operating the system 24/24 in the environment of many technologies and equipment dangerous to the workers, safety experts, direct managers and supervisors. Any small mistake and lack of technical safety knowledge or mal-functioning can possibly cause accidents and serious incidences, affecting directly the power supply of the whole national power system./.